World Stage: An Olympic Introduction to the Greatest of All Time

Sports Illustrated Special Olympic Edition

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Special issue of Sports Illustrated magazine featuring coverage and information about the 1960 Olympic Games, released August 15, 1960. This issue was published in national, regional, and special editions. Articles incuded "Rome's Biggest Holiday: On the eve of the 1960 Games, the Eternal City is dressed in its flashiest party clothes," "Speed, Strength, and Grace: A 16-page photographic portfolio of the talented and attractive athletes competing to win," and "A Question of the Soul: Will these be the last amateur Olympics? They might be -- and here are the reasons why."

Donated to the Muhammad Ali Center by John Dyrud in 2011. 

Sports Illustrated Special Olympic Edition

In 1955, Rome was chosen over several other cities as the location for the1960 Games of the XVII Olympiad (also referred to as Giochi della XVII Olympiade in Italian) at the 50th International Olympic Committee session held in Paris, France. The losing cities included Brussels, Mexico City, Tokyo, Detroit, and Budapest. Rome even beat the city of Lausanne in Switzerland, home to the International Olympic Committee headquarters. 

Sports Illustrated, August 15, 1960


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