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Ali vs. Liston I Program

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Sonny Liston vs. Cassius Clay World's Heavyweight Championship on Theatre Network Television Program, 1964. 
This program includes articles about the lives of both Liston and Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay), their body measurements, their ring records, and insight from boxing experts. The program also has a blank scorecard for the reader to fill out while watching the closed circuit broadcast of the fight. This program could be purchased at the viewing for one dollar.

Donated by George Kalinsky in 2015. 

Similar to modern day pay-per-view, closed circuit broadcasts of boxing matches were shown in auditoriums and theaters all over the world, one just had to pay for a ticket to get in. The promoters who hosted these broadcasts were referred to as television exhibitors and they would often receive kits from the promoters of the actual fight to advertise their showing. This program likely was part of that kit. 

Sonny Liston versus Cassius Clay Boxing Match Television Program, February 25, 1964

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