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Ali vs. Liston II Sports Illustrated

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Sports Illustrated Magazine, November 16, 1964
This issue of Sports Illustrated features a cover story about Muhammad Ali's then-upcoming rematch against Sonny Liston. It includes a multi-page article detailing Liston's sorrow over losing the title of Heavyweight Champion and questions Ali's ability to keep the title. 

Donated by George Kalinsky in 2015.

Muhammad Ali has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated 40 times over the years, with the first being in 1963. The issue shown here was published on the day of what was supposed to be Ali's rematch against Sonny Liston in Boston, Massachusetts. The fight was postponed when Ali had to undergo an emergency hernia operation three days before the scheduled fight. Due to this, his next appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated would come May 24, 1964--the day before the rescheduled fight. 

Sports Illustrated, November 16, 1964

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